Chandra, Laura, Kelly and Genevieve
Chandra, Laura, Kelly and Genevieve

Welcome to the new Wild Sundays blog and webpage! Woo hoo! We are gearing up for a fun spring as we start to bust out of our living rooms and onto some stages near you. I (Genevieve) will do my best to keep this page updated so feel free to check in. Coming soon….new photos! Yes, something to spruce up the site! We have been busy working up new tunes and polishing the older ones. Kelly has a new one we’ve added in- and it’s a bit of a different sound…think reggae….!! And I am still busy writing new songs all the time (when I’m not shuttling kids around to activities or puzzling over the computer). I have a new one that I’m about to bring to the group- written in 4 part harmony, acapella! (Balkan Babes inspired I supposed, but it’s in English). So watch for that one.

And I’m getting excited about my solo album (co-produced by Marc Atkinson), which is slowly gaining the rest of it’s tracks. We recently recorded harmonies with Adrian Dolan, and working with Laura and Kelly made me excited to do a Wild Sundays album down the line…. so much coming down the pipe!!

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