Fine Line

Fine Line

January seems to be a time of booking shows and keeping fingers crossed that a festival or two will reply that they’d like you this year. For us, it’s that, plus working on all the details that go into the making of an album. Our songs are recorded and mixed and it was VERY exciting to give the first listen, as several of them we hadn’t heard with the completed fiddle and banjo parts. We all made our own notes, and then met with Wynn to give feedback, discuss and edit. We realized that there was a missing mando solo (oops) and an outro needed to be cleaned up, so one more quick round in the studio for Chandra will finish it up. We will get the (hopefully) final mixes soon and head onto mastering.

Meanwhile, we’ve been meeting with Wendy Wall who is doing the layout for the packaging. We already have the cover photo, but there’s lots to think about including fonts and band pics, background for the booklet, etc etc.

photo by Devon Gillot
photo by Devon Gillot

After much conversation we decided to name the CD “Fine Line” after Genevieve’s song (probably 5th track). Not only does it imply a lovely lyric, but it, like the song, evokes thought about what¬†defines us, and the minute differences between people, between elements, between sky and water, between people and earth, between love and anger.

And so we get closer. Kristen Scott (fellow Balkan Babe to Gen and Kelly) has created a beautiful drawing for the inside, as well as lending her penmanship to the album. Devon Gillott’s photos are in and out. We are so excited to hold the final product in our hands, and get all the pre-sales mailed out.

Speaking of, we raised about $3500 towards the cost of the CD which is awesome! As well as signing and mailing out CD’s we also have several cover songs to learn (we will be performing one at the Victoria Folk Music Society on Feb.21!) and a couple sock monkey’s to complete.


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And of course, booking the CD Release concerts, which it looks like will be in May! Keep yer ear to the ground- we’ll be coming your way soon with 12 beautiful new songs to fill your ear, home, car. Yahoo!

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