When will this eternal winter ever end?

Things might be a little chilly in the world right now- and believe me, we feel it- the presidential fiasco unfolding in our southern neighbours, crises with global climate change and war and immigration. A small comfort for us is being able to connect with people through our music, and hopefully to uplift and inspire some sort of warmth and hope- and be a part of the huge global movement which is making traction to bring more love, more compassion and more inclusivity to our world.

With all the turmoil, we are also seeing some changes/shifts in the Wild Sundays- but not for the worse! We are booking festivals and shows for the year and excited about the season (though we are still waiting for spring to arrive- geesh!)

Firstly, we have been loving having Ivonne Hernandez in the band!  Ivonne brings crazy fiddle chops, new creative energy and decades of performance experience to the band which is very exciting for us all! Check out her website: Ivonne Hernandez

Ivonne joined Genevieve and Kelly on a little tour to Vancouver, Christina Lake, Nelson and Kaslo in the fall. It was great to jell as a trio, get Ivonne right learned up on ALL those lyrics and have a fun time in the Kootenays, despite the collective post-election hang-over we all seemed to have! But we really had a wonderful time, meeting new and repeat fans, being spoiled by our hosts and generally loving to make music together.

Secondly, our lovely percussionist/vocalist Laura Carleton welcomed a little girl, Claira, to the world November 16! She is the sweetest little thing and Laura is settling into motherhood with all the grace you can imagine. After a little break Laura joined us for our first show back as a quintet since the fall on March 4. We played to sold-out House Concert in Sooke and it was SO satisfying to have us all there together, all 5 voices, both instrumentalists and all the love and connection we feel when we’re playing and singing. It’s pure JOY! 

The response to our shows have been overwhelmingly awesome. Our hosts at the concert in Sooke, who have hosted more than 70 shows now, said they felt like they were watching a group on the brink of something really big. And I feel like it could be true! There is a special magic that happens. Oh! And we recently found out that our song “Down Down Down” was a FINALIST for the International Acoustic Music awards! How cool is that??

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