Spring is sprung!

Wild Sundays walkSo we finally had a photo shoot! Check out Anne Lei-Yeung’s pics of us throughout the website. We had fun wandering around Jubilee area snapping shots and posing! Poor Kelly huffing the bass around (after a particularly festive night before, it being Sunday and the Tidal Wave Square dance was the night before).

We also had our first show of 2014 at the Greater Victoria Public Library as part of Lifecycles joint venture launching a Seed Library. It’s a great idea- to connect gardeners and inspire local seed saving. It was fun but kinda trippy to play in there with the echo-y ceiling. We had chosen a lively set but found it was the slower crooners that were so much fun to sing in that space.

We’re now working hard on getting our set really polished up for the Solstice show and the Cowichan House concert in mid May. I (Gen) have to resist the temptation to add more songs to our repertoire, as we feel it’s important to really get the songs we have now dialed.  But I just keep writing more and wanting to bring them to the group…. patience!  As we start to think more about a CD we’ll hone in on the songs we want to do for that. Speaking of CD’s… my CD with Marc is heading into the Mastering phase, and starting the design phase.  Very stoked!!


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