Back to the Grind

Well it’s that time of year again- when we hunker down in the pouring rain to make videos and spend hours online sending out festival applications. So on that note we bring you the latest in our professional video series… a LIVE trio video of “Maybe in the Morning”!!

As Laura is busy with baby and Chandra busy with her work and property, we figured we needed something to promote the touring trio. Chris Wilson did another stellar job (will I ever use anybody else? likely not). But even better is that we have another video coming with interviews and more live music clips that will provide a better glimpse into the wild and wonderful world of the Wild Sundays. So stay tuned for that!IMG_1862Another exciting thing (and still somewhat under wraps) is that I (Genevieve) am making a new album (before the next album). What does that mean you ask?? Well… let’s just say it’s been a productive fall, song-writing wise, and I realized that I couldn’t wait until Nov 2018 (the current plan is to record a band album with Joby Baker in a year) otherwise I’d have WAY too much material. So I’m going lower-budget and scaled-back, a rawer sound shall we say, with Tanya Gillespie here in Duncan. It will have a bit of fiddle and harmony and such on some songs but will be mostly highlighting the songs themselves. It has a lot of love and nostalgia themes on it, and I’m not settled on the title yet, but can’t wait to see how it unfolds.

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