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Hello friends

So the first hot hot days seem to be upon us here on the west coast, and with it comes watermelon, hoses on trampoline and g&t’s. Here’s what’s been happening in my (Genevieve) life lately.

Ivonne hit the Irish session in Galway
Ivonne hits the Irish session in Galway

Ivonne and I had 3 great weeks in Ireland in May, playing many shows and crossing the country 3 times. I got pretty used to driving on the left side on those narrow rockwall-lined roads, and managed to avoid both accidents and speeding tickets. Ruins in IrelandThe weather was amazingly pleasant, and I got really good at drinking Guiness. I think we were well-received there- we sold a proportionally high amount of CDs, which means either people are less technologically advanced, or they just like to support artists. Either way, we were grateful for the support we received there and I look forward to hopefully going there with the whole band one day.

And my new CD project has morphed into something bigger and better perhaps than it started out as. I decided that it was foolish to release an album of essentially B-side songs, in a quality that was less than my previous two albums.

Genevieve in the Shawnigan studio
Genevieve in the Shawnigan studio

Jack Connolly at Shawnigan School ended up taking over the project (as recording engineer and producer), and so songs were swapped out, different guest artists hired and everything rerecorded in the state-of-the-art studio there. So of course this means a delay in it’s release, but I am so excited for the final product and how it’s going to sound.

In return Jack has asked me to produce his next album, and it is with honor that I pull up my bootstraps and step into that role. It’s a different kettle of fish choosing songs, helping with arrangements, facilitating instrumentation for someone else’s music. It’s also helped me realize how big of a role I actually had in producing my last two albums and is giving me confidence in my own musical vision and decision making.

Kelly warms up at St. Matthias
Kelly warms up at St. Matthias

Jack, in the studio

As for the Wild Sundays, we are still playing a few shows this summer. We had a great show at St. Matthias Church at the end of June and at Chemainus Bluegrass Festival. Laura is back to work finally after having baby Clara so is only committing to mostly local shows at this time while she makes the adjustment. Chandra, who has been promoted at work, is also busy working and travelling for work. Ivonne continues to be busy doing camps this summer, facilitating Coastline and being a general awesome hired fiddler for various projects. Kelly also is working a lot and taking in as much music as she can at Fiddletunes and other camps, including, of course, Nimblefingers in Sorrento where she steps into her role as Program Director once again.

In a couple weeks I’m heading to Wells where Island Mountain Arts is offering me my prize for winning the BC songwriting competition last year. I get to go immerse myself in songwriting with David Francey, Jenny Whiteley and Joey Wright for a week! Luxury! Then Ivonne and Kelly come up to play with me at the Artswells festival. I’m really looking forward to this whole experience, especially as the past few months have been so ridiculously busy that I’ve barely had time to do any songwriting (which is truely where my heart and soul live).

So check out the dates that we’re playing and hopefully come see us if you can. We look forward to catching up at a show near you <3

July 26- Willows Beach Concert Series, Victoria. 6:30pm, Free
Aug 3-6- Artswells Festival, Wells, BC.
Aug 10- Ground Zero Acoustic Lounge, Parksville. Doors at 7pm, show at 7:30
Aug 12- Gorge Harbour Marina, Cortes Island. 7:30
Sept 5- Centennial Square Lunchtime concerts, Victoria, 12-1pm, free
Summer poppies
Summer poppies

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