Busy May!

Well, we’ve had a grand ol’ time this month getting our music polished up and out there. We had a fantastic sold-out show at the Solstice Cafe in Victoria (and apologies to those who were turned away! lame) And the night after that we did it again, this time at another packed house concert in Duncan. Wow! It’s so fun coming together, making music and delivering it to people’s hearts and living rooms. We did the house concert without any amplification at all (first time I think) and it was a good lesson in playing quietly so that our vocals would be heard over our instruments (hard with bass, percussion and aggressive guitar strumming!) We did it again this past Sunday- played to a fun 40th birthday party- a little drizzle didn’t put a damper on spirits! Image

We’re now starting to book a few summer gigs so watch for them. And Gen is getting excited for the release of her CD so watch for that too- check out www.twistedvinefarm.ca for info on the release concert July 5th.

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